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YingBang Petrifaction
Zhejiang yingbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a modern scientific and technological enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service of new products. The company adopts international advanced automatic pulse blending, process real-time detection equipment, and automatic production and filling line. The annual production capacity of lubricating oil is 8000 tons; the annual production capacity of lubricating grease is 5000 tons; the storage capacity of base oil is more than 10000 tons. The leading brands of the company are Commonwealth, Jiechi, jialuchi and Oxfam.
Zhejiang yingbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has a professional scientific research team with high scientific research quality and strong R & D ability composed of senior lubrication experts. It is a comprehensive petrochemical enterprise with an international first class R & D laboratory. The products cover various petrochemical products such as industrial equipment oil, automobile lubricating oil, lubricating grease, special grease, etc. Complete variety, quality assurance. The company directly cooperates with Hangzhou Steel Group, Sany Heavy Industry, Yadi electric vehicle group, Yadi electric vehicle group and other large famous enterprises. At the same time, we will work with our customers to build a model of health, safety, environmental protection and sustainable development, keeping pace with the times.
YingBang Petrifaction
Product Display
Product Display
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Investment Promotion
Investment promotion
Joining conditions

Have independent legal personality.
Have certain economic strength and business place.
Familiar with local market, have strong market development and operation ability.
Identify with the company's marketing concept and business model.
With good reputation and professionalism, we are willing to devote ourselves to the British lubricating oil industry.
Joining requirements

Site requirements: the agent must have a business site that can display the brand image of British lubricating oil.
Regional operation: there are strict and standardized regional restrictions, and agents are only allowed to operate in the authorized area, not beyond the authorized area.
Exclusive products: the agent only deals in British lubricating oil products, not other similar products.
Advertising: the agent must cooperate with the requirements of the headquarters to make appropriate and effective advertising in the business area.
Expand the market: agents must strive to expand the market and develop the network in the region.
Unified image: agents and their sub distributors must be consistent with the headquarters in image publicity, and any behavior that damages the brand image is prohibited.
Standard price: the agent must follow the principle of "unified price system" of the headquarters and never allow dumping at low price.
Personnel training: the agent must accept the training required by the headquarters, and be equipped with professional and technical personnel and business personnel.
Ying Bang Petrifaction
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Zhe Jiang Yingbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

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